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CT scanner - Dental Cone Beam CT scans are special X-rays used when regular dental X-rays are not sufficient. This technology takes a 3D image of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. Thanks to this scanner, there's no need to refer you out of our office to have it completed!

Cephalometric X-rays - A Cephalometric X-ray allows the dentist to see a side view of your head, exposing teeth, your jaw and surrounding structures. Cephalometric x-rays can be used to evaluate impacted teeth, orthodontic treatment, broken teeth, jaw positioning and more! There are no plates of film inserted into the mouth, as is often the case with traditional X-rays.

Digital X-ray sensors - After years of being warned about the harmful effects of radiation from X-rays, many people are skeptical about dental digital radiography. But don’t be afraid — digital X-ray technology is much safer than the traditional method. In fact, digital radiography uses up to 80% less radiation than its film counterpart.

Intraoral Camera - Our office is equipped with a high-tech intraoral camera that allows our patients to see exactly what is going on in their mouth. Be sure to ask for your tour of your mouth! The teeth and other areas are magnified over twenty times and can be easily seen on the dental chair-mounted monitor. This camera is a great diagnostic and educational tool that is very beneficial for our patients. We want our patients to be well informed so they can make smart choices for their dental health.

Trios Intraoral Scanner - Using this wonderful, cutting-edge technology, we provide a better patient experience and detect interproximal caries without radiation. The Trios Dental scanner represents another key piece of technology that we have added to our practice. The advantage of any dental scanner is that we can take rapid digital images of teeth instead of the traditional molds or impressions.

Biolase Soft Tissue Laser - A soft tissue laser has many benefits for your oral health. It enables Dr. Kandi and our team to make smaller incisions and target only the affected area of your mouth, leaving healthy areas untouched. Use of the Biolase soft tissue laser results in shorter treatment times, reduced bleeding, and less risk of infection afterward.

Weave Scheduling and Communication - Using Weave in our office helps us to stay connected with each of our patients! Through their email, text, and call options, we can communicate with you however you'd like. Do you prefer to confirm your appointment via text? With Weave it is possible!


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