Why a Dental Check-Up Should Be Scheduled Immediately

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A periodic dental check-up is an effective way to keep track of your oral health. As an example, routine dental visits catch small problems before they get out of hand. Dentists use routine checks to screen for a wide range of oral health problems. Periodic visits with a dentist are also a good way to get a professional’s feedback concerning your oral habits.

These are just a few of many reasons why you should schedule a dental checkup. We go further to explore some reasons why you should set up a routine check today, right after a brief explainer on what to expect from a routine dental visit.

What to expect from a routine dental check-up

Dentists advise their patients to schedule routine visits every six months. A dentist may even increase the frequency of the routine checks if their patient is dealing with an ongoing oral health issue. Take a person that suffers from gum disease as an example. They may need to see their dentist a lot more often than just twice a year.

Here is what to expect from a routine dental visit:

  • First, the dentist will perform a visual exam of their patient’s mouth, gums, and teeth. They will use a mirror and a fluorescent light to improve visibility
  • The dentist may order an x-ray to look for cavities that are hard to spot with the naked eye
  • They will screen for oral cancer with a specialized light and sometimes dye
  • The dentist will also use touch to check for lumps, swelling, and other abnormalities in and around the mouth and throat
  • If the patient needs a small filling, the dentist may take care of it
  • Next, the dentist will proceed to clean the patient’s teeth and gum to eliminate any plaque or tartar buildup
  • They will apply fluoride treatment and/or sealant to the teeth

From this list alone, it is easy to see the preventative aspect of the routine dental check. These checks keep dental procedures to a minimum in terms of number and invasiveness. Routine checks are also a good opportunity for the patient to get feedback and advice from their dentist. Here are reasons why an individual should make a routine dental appointment on the spot.

1. A big-time lapse since the last dental check

Some people go for years before seeing a dentist. This could be a testament to the person’s sterling oral habits. Or it could come down to luck or fear of the dentist. Whatever the case may be, it is a good idea to get a dental checkup if it has been years since the last visit. This routine visit could confirm the patient’s excellent oral health. The checkup could also catch and treat problems that the person is unaware of.

2. Detection of a cavity

Cavities can be painless and sometimes hard to detect. However, a keen eye can spot discoloration or a cavity that is in its earliest stages. Spotting a cavity or signs of tooth decay is a great reason to book a dental checkup.

3. Discoloration

It is possible to sustain a blow to the mouth and think nothing more of it only to notice a darkening of the inner tooth days later. Tooth discoloration can happen for a variety of reasons, from tooth decay to injury. Tooth discoloration is as good a reason as any to schedule a dental checkup.

4. Tartar and plaque buildup

Plaque and tartar can accumulate at the base of the teeth. They can progress to discolor the thin gaps between the teeth. The unsightly nature of tartar should be a great motivator to book a visit with the dentist.

5. Tooth pain and sensitivity

Pain and discomfort are the body’s notification system. In the case of the teeth, the discomfort is a reminder to schedule a dental checkup as soon as possible, preferably before the pain morphs into a dental emergency.

Check on the well-being of your teeth, gums, and mouth today 

Our practice focuses on first-line dental care as a preventative and restorative measure. We have a team that has years of experience in treating, reversing, and preventing a range of oral health issues. Reach out to us to schedule a visit and take advantage of our dentist’s knowledge and experience.

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