When Should I Seek a Dentist for Urgent Dental Care?

Emergency Dentist Park Ridge, IL

Urgent dental care may be necessary if you have endured severe damage to teeth and/or the gums. This review discusses signs that indicate a need to visit a dentist for urgent dental care. Otherwise, the complications could grow worse or cause an excessive or prolonged level of discomfort.

Signs that indicate a need for urgent dental care

Urgent dental care is recommended if you have a chipped, cracked, or knocked-out tooth. If there are symptoms of an oral infection or the gums are damaged, then urgent dental care is likely required as well. Anytime there is a serious medical concern that could be potentially life-threatening, it is important to visit the emergency room rather than the emergency dentist.

Chipped or cracked teeth

Chips and cracks are common reasons for an urgent dental care visit. A chip or a crack can result anytime there is a blow to the face, such as a car accident, sporting event, physical altercation, or nasty fall. Chipped and cracked teeth could also result from bruxism (teeth grinding while sleeping) as well. The cause may play a role in the recommended treatment solution.

Teeth that are knocked out of the socket

If teeth are ever knocked out of the socket, then it is important to seek urgent dental care. This could mean the tooth was knocked loose in the socket or knocked out entirely. If a tooth is loose, then it could fall out without urgent dental care. Often, dentists can reposition a knocked-out tooth in the socket if prompt care is provided, preventing the need for tooth replacement.

Severe symptoms of an oral infection

Anyone who experiences symptoms of an oral infection should seek dental care. Urgent dental care may be necessary if symptoms suddenly worsen or exist for an extended amount of time. The most concerning symptoms of an oral infection to watch for are severe teeth and gums discomfort, swollen lymph nodes, and swollen gums.

Severe teeth pain and sensitivity

As mentioned, an oral infection could be the cause of severe gum and teeth discomfort. However, there are other possible causes as well, such as deep tooth decay. To promptly determine the cause and receive proper treatment, it is important to seek urgent dental care for severe teeth discomfort.

Bleeding or lacerated gums

Damage to the gums can be serious and require urgent dental care as well. This often results from dental trauma. Anytime bleeding of the gums does not stop after several minutes or is the result of a laceration, then it is important to seek urgent dental care, especially if the cause of the gum complications is a blow to the mouth.

Our dental office offers urgent dental care

Here at our dental practice, we pride ourselves in helping patients in need of urgent dental care restore the health and appearance of their smiles without enduring an excessive or prolonged amount of discomfort. If you have any of the aforementioned injuries or oral health concerns, give us a call today.

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