How Not Removing Wisdom Teeth Can Lead to Overcrowding

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There are many risks of not removing wisdom teeth that do not properly emerge. One of the primary concerns is overcrowding, which can occur as a result of there not being enough room inside the jaw to accommodate the addition of the third molars. This review discusses the risks of overcrowding if you elect not to remove wisdom teeth when it is recommended.

A review of wisdom teeth and overcrowding

Wisdom teeth often do not have enough room inside the jaw to properly grow. This leads to them forcing their way into tight spots in the back of the mouth, becoming impacted, or growing in sideways, all of which can either lead to overcrowding or make fixing overcrowding issues more difficult.

When wisdom teeth extraction is recommended

Wisdom teeth extraction is recommended if the jaw is not large enough for them all to fit properly. Dental professionals may also recommend the removal of wisdom teeth if they are impacted (not fully emerged through the gums and jawbone) or if the risk of an oral infection is increased due to openings in the gums where bacteria and food particles can accumulate. It may also be necessary to remove wisdom teeth before orthodontic care to treat cases of overcrowding and/or crooked teeth.

The importance of wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction may be necessary to prevent overcrowding from getting worse and to ensure that there is enough room inside the jaw for the teeth to properly shift during orthodontic treatment. The risk of oral infection, cavities, and other oral health concerns may increase substantially if wisdom teeth that cause problems are not removed.

Wisdom teeth and overcrowding: Is there a correlation?

While this question is constantly being debated, there does seem to be a correlation between wisdom teeth that grow in and overcrowding of the other teeth. This makes sense because the individual is adding four large teeth to their mouth without the jaw expanding to accommodate them.

How to correct issues of overcrowding

Dental professionals can correct overcrowding by removing the wisdom teeth and/or by orthodontic care. The specific treatment for overcrowding depends on the details of the situation. However, it typically involves removing the wisdom teeth, followed by installing braces or clear aligners to correct crowding and alignment concerns.

How to determine if wisdom teeth extraction is right for you

A dental professional can determine if wisdom teeth are likely to lead to problems by reviewing dental X-rays and conducting an oral examination. If there is enough room in the jaw for the growth of new teeth and the wisdom teeth grow in properly, then extraction may not be necessary. However, if they grow improperly or there is not enough room for them, extraction is indeed likely necessary.

Find out if you can benefit from wisdom teeth extraction

Our office understands how to properly assess the development of wisdom teeth and can provide a professional recommendation on whether removal is necessary, along with answering any questions that you have about the risks and benefits of wisdom teeth removal. Call us today to schedule a visit.

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