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Many people still wonder if teeth cleaning is truly as useful as dentists say it is. That is why most delay their dental cleaning appointments. Daily oral care helps keep your teeth healthy. Seeing your dentist for professional cleaning helps maintain your dental health. If you want to know more about teeth cleaning with your general dentist, here are some FAQs and the answers to them.

What should a person expect from professional dental cleaning?

Teeth cleaning from a general dentist will take no more than 45 minutes. The dentist will scrape off plaque from the teeth. Brushing with an electric toothbrush and gritty toothpaste will take place. This will also help remove plaque and stuck food particles from the teeth. The dentist will also provide the teeth with fluoride treatment. This treatment is for patients with a high risk for tooth decay.

How often should one get professional teeth cleaning?

Getting professional teeth cleaning should be a routine more than once each year. Most dentists recommend having this treatment two times a year. Patients with gum disease need to have dental cleanings every three months. Seeing the dentist for a consultation will determine how often the patient should come in for teeth cleaning.

What are the main benefits of dental cleaning?

This simple procedure will keep gums and teeth healthy. This will also help avoid patients from getting complicated and expensive dental treatments. A simple cavity may turn into gum disease. This could need bone grafting or even tooth replacement.

What can a person do at home to help maintain healthy teeth?

Brushing one’s teeth after waking up and before going to bed. This should also happen after each meal. Using an antibacterial mouthwash and flossing daily will help keep teeth and gums clean between professional cleanings. Changing the toothbrush when the bristles start to spread apart is also a good habit. This will ensure efficient tooth cleaning outside the dental clinic.

What will happen if the person does not keep teeth clean?

The mouth is always full of bacteria. Some of these bacteria are good. Others are harmful. The bad bacteria release corrosive acids. Failing to keep one’s mouth clean will make bad bacteria take over the teeth and gums. This will lead to tooth decay and periodontitis.

How painful are dental cleanings?

A teeth cleaning in the dental clinic is not painless at all. It will keep the mouth open for a while. There will be vibrations and sounds. There will also be some pressure when the dentist scrapes the tartar off. Another would be holding the suction tube at times. These are the only uncomfortable things the patient will feel.

Teeth cleaning from your general dentist is an important component of your dental health

Your permanent teeth should last for a lifetime. But life happens. Different diets and habits form. It is easy to set aside dental appointments and basic teeth cleaning practices. Seeing your dentist for routine dental cleanings will help elevate your oral and general health.

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