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Dental crowns have many purposes and uses. The dentist may choose this option to help you with issues pertaining to your oral health or for cosmetic reasons. Regardless of the reason, the process of getting a crown is about the same. If you are worried about this procedure, understanding how the treatment works can help put you at ease. Crowns are also an effective option that you can feel good about.

Reasons why people get dental crowns

There are a few options available when a patient needs cosmetic help for a tooth. Crowns are a top choice because they can solve multiple issues. The dentist may choose this treatment for people who have broken, chipped, or cracked a tooth. A crown is also a viable way to cover a discolored tooth and make it appear whiter. The dentist might even choose to use a crown to properly align a tooth.

The consultation

The first step in getting a dental crown is to meet with the dentist and discuss the procedure. The dentist will talk about how the process works and what the pros and cons are. The dentist will also determine whether the patient is a good candidate for having a crown. The consultation is a good chance for the patient to ask questions and resolve any concerns about crowns.

Preliminary work

If the patient and dentist decide to get dental crowns, the patient returns to the office for the initial steps. The dentist will take X-rays of the person’s mouth and make impressions of the teeth. These pictures go to a technician, who will make the crown in a lab. Meanwhile, the dentist numbs the patient and reshapes the tooth so the crown will fit. The dentist places a temporary crown, which is in place until the permanent crown is ready.

Placing the crown

After a couple of weeks, the permanent crown should be available. The patient comes back into the office, and the dentist numbs the person. The dentist takes out the temporary crowns and checks the fit of the permanent crowns. Then, using dental cement, the dentist attaches the dental crowns over the teeth. Light is used to cure the cement, quickly hardening the crowns.

Care and maintenance

Dental crowns can be a long-lasting cosmetic solution for patients. In most cases, a crown can be effective for up to 10 years or more. The life span will depend on how well the patient takes care of it. Limiting how much hard, sticky, and chewy foods the person eats will preserve the crowns. Brushing at least twice a day will prevent staining on the crowns. This will also reduce the risk of decay and infection underneath the crown on the natural tooth.

A good option for a new smile

Your smile is one of the first things that other people will notice about you. It is crucial to keep it looking the way you want. If you have discolored, crooked, or damaged teeth, you can do something to repair them. Chat with your dentist about dental crowns. You might be a good candidate for this treatment.

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